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WandaVision, Tom Holland & Mortal Kombat - Minisode 2


There was a lot of news in the world of streaming this week, so I'm here to help break some of it down.

  • WandaVision releases first two episodes
  • The Russo brothers, Tom Holland, and a number of returning shows to AppleTV+
  • First look at the new Mortal Kombat film coming to HBOMax in April
  • Netflix dominates the Nielsen Ratings for 2020

WandaVision: Recap/Review
For All Mankind: Season 1 Episode

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Hey guys welcome back to podflick andchill. As always, I am your host Andrew and I am back with another Minneso tobring you guys, this week's top streaming news, but before we dive inmake sure you hit that subscribe button, so you stay in the loop about yourfavorite streaming services. The top story that everyone is talking aboutthis week is the release of Wan Division, Marvel Studios. FirstTelevision series drope the first two episodes on Disney plus earlieryesterday, and they are equal parts charming and Erie. I loved the SixtySitcom vibe of this show, specifically how they filmed not only in black andwhite, but also in typical full screen. Four, three format. I thought it was agreat creative choice by the team at Marvel. Although the episodes did movea bit slower than typical marvel properties, I thought they were a lotof fun to watch and I thought it gave Elizabeth Alson and Paul Betney thechance to explore these other areas of...

Wandes, an visions, personalities thatwe didn't really get to see in the films for a full recap and review of mythoughts on the first two episodes of ane division click, the link in thedescription down below moving over to apple TV plus, the second season ofDickinson starring, Haley, Steinfeld and Emnit Schamlon's servant are nowstreaming on the platform. This is a fantastic platform that I don't thinkgets enough credit, there's a ton of original series and films on theservice, and I think they have a brilliant creative team behind them.That said, it was confirmed that production has started on season, twoof the Jason Sadacus Comedy Series Ted Laso, and we got a second seasontrailer for all mankind. Now I covered for all mankind in an earlier episodeof the podcast to check that out click. The link in the description down below,but it's an alternate history, show that explores the possibility of whatmight have happened if the Soviets beat us to the moon. Apple TV also releaseda trailer for the Russo Brother's Latest Film Cherry starring Tom Holland.I think this movie is going to be...

...incredible. It looks like it's anemotional roller coaster. It's got some action sequences in there and thecinematography just from the trailer, looked absolutely beautiful. So I'mlooking forward to that premiering on apple plus on March twelfth. We alsogot first look images of the rrated mortal combat reboot. This WarnerBrothers produced film is going to be duel released in both theaters and onHbo Max on April Ixteenth. I see a lot of fatality and get over here memes inthe near future, as the director has promised that this is going to includecopious amounts of violence and Gore speaking of HBO Max. This next bit ofnews is for all my female friends who are fans of sex in the city, a spinoffseries titled, and just like that is confirmed for the platform. The show isgoing to see Sara Jesica Parker, as well as Cynthia Nixon and ChristinDavis reprising their roles, no word yet on. If Kim catrol is going to bejoining the reboot theu chances are...

...very slim. The show is currently pickedup for ten thirty minute long episodes and no release date has been given atleast that I could find Hulu is going to be adopting the same duel releasestrategy for their original film, No madland starring Francis mcnormant,based on a book of the same name. It follows the journey of a modern day,nomad named a fern. Now what I thought was cool about the trailer for thisfilm is that it looks like it's sort of shot as a documentary, although it is afictional story, the film's director, Chloe Zao, is also set to direct theMarvel Studios, film eternals that will release later this year. Another Huluoriginal boss level stars Frank Grillo, and I am extremely excited for thisfilm Think Action Movie Meets Groundhog Day. The film is set to release onMarch fifth on Hulu, and it also stars Mel Gibson and Naomi Watts. Lasbin, notleast, the Neelson ratings for...

...streaming services in two thousand andtwenty have been released. Aside from the MANDALORIAN Netflix dominated nineout of the top ten spots when it came to original series topping thatcategory were the Netflix series, ozarc Lucifer and the crown all three of themcollecting a combined total of over sixty five billion viewing minutes. Youguys watch a lot of TV to close out the show. I wanted to giveyou guys a rundown of what I've been watching this week. It's really simple:It's one show the stand on CBS. All access is a post,apocalyptic drama about life on Earth. After a flu pandemic has wiped out overseven billion people, it's a limited series and even though the plot doeshit a little close to home, it's been an interesting ride. So far, I'mlooking forward to the remaining few episodes, but let me know in thecomment section which you guys are streaming and what you're a fan of thisweek, I'd love to hear from you. You...

...can follow us on social media atPodflix, the letter M N chill and that's the show. Thank you so much fortuning into this week's minnisode. As always, I'm your host Ander and thishas been potflix on Chill.

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