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Episode · 4 months ago

Talkin' Ted Lasso - Chillin' with Tyler Hixson


Ted Lasso has been one of the most successful television shows (objectively) of 2020. The unbridled positivity and optimism of this AppleTV+ original series has immediately made it a cult classic with fans. Nominated for two Golden Globes, Ted Lasso has already been renewed for a second and third season. On this episode of the podcast, Andrew connects with Tyler Hixson (host of the Strangers Worth Meeting podcast) to chat about the underlying philosophy of the show. They also chat about:

  • Whether or not AFC Richmond will be the next Mighty Ducks
  • Their shared inexperience with the rules of European football
  • When is enough enough, in terms of television seasons
  • They also revisit Andrew’s review of The Queen’s Gambit

In addition to hosting Strangers Worth Meeting, Tyler is a full-time traveler with his wife, as they trek around the country and run their own business. They are currently filming a documentary about their nomad lifestyle, which you can follow on Instagram @wildhixsons

Follow Tyler on Instagram @thixsonlife
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