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Episode 9 · 1 year ago

Reboot Week: The Animaniacs (Hulu)


They're ba-ack! Time to get totally insane-y with the Warner Bros (and their Warner sister) and take a look at the Hulu Original Series, The Animaniacs! The reboot of this 90s cartoon is packed with more of the same topical, relevant, and fourth-wall breaking comedy we've come to know and love. In the final episode of the year, Podflix & Chill host Andrew discusses some of his favorite moments from the Animaniacs and why people who were offended by any of the jokes need to re-evaluate themselves and their life choices.


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...you know, people are offended by a Johnny Depp joke that was written two years ago that they're claiming is offensive because warner brothers just dropped don Johnny Depp from fantastic beasts and they think that animaniacs is claiming that Johnny Depp is telling lies about the abuse that he received from his ex wife. Amber heard and now people want to boycott the animaniacs because of that. That's ridiculous. Johnny Depp is a popular movie character that has been in a number of films and you know, let's okay, hear me out. Let's take pirates of the Caribbean, right, or Caribbean, depending on how you pronounce it. The first three films, well, the first film was fantastic and they kind of got a little bit more crazy and out there as they went on. But let's talk pirates of the Caribbean five, and that's probably a sentence that you haven't heard before, because parts of the Caribbean five was pretty bad and right from the Getgo, when Johnny Depp first shows up as Jack Sparrow. I'm thinking in my head, this man only did this film for the paycheck, like he completely dialed in the character of Jack Sparrow Right. So that's what the joke was in animaniacs. The the song was about rebooting everything. They were poking fun at themselves for a being a reboot of something and how Hollywood doesn't have any original ideas anymore. They just reboot and rewrite everything and come up with sequels to everything, and one of those sequels happened to be starring Johnny Depp, in which the title character of the movie was Johnny. It was based on some nursery rhyme and the subtitle of the film was Johnny tells lies or something like that, and people equated that to warner brothers saying that Johnny Depp was lying about the abuse that he received from amber heard and that's why they dropped him from fantastic beasts. And then people are like, oh, that's messed up, let's boycott animaniacs. Like no, it's just a joke about Johnny Depp taking whatever Rollie can and the fact that Hollywood has to reboot everything and just keep milking money off of everything, like pirates of the Caribbean, like the animaniacs. They're literally making fun of themselves, not claiming that Johnny Depp is a liar. Right. So that was absolutely absurd to me the fact that people got offended over that. and that's not even touching the politics that I just started this whole conversation on. Right like, there were a number number number of trump jokes throughout the episodes. There were quite a few different Russian skits, Russian hackers, Russian election rigging, Russians spying on American TV, and there was a whole Russian parity of the animaniacs called the animane yet, and that was that was quite funny. There was some poot and jokes throughout. There was an entire skit that was based on Bun control with a bee, with buns being bunnies and bunnies being a metaphor for guns. You know, they had this like Redneck guys shouting like I'm a responsible bun owner, you can't take my buns away, but everybody should have buns. And you know, I guess people were offended by that and there was even a parody of Tucker Carlson and in the animax his name was Tuck...

Buckerson and they kept making fun of his name, calling him Tucky and Bucky and Ducky, and they he's like, that's not my name, and he was getting like really offended that he couldn't steer the conversation the way he wanted to, because Yaco, wacco and dot were steering the conversation they wanted to have and he was getting but hurt about it and it was just a really funny skit. And you know, again, I'm sure a lot of Republicans and right wings and Conservatives and whatever you want to call yourselves like. They got offended at that, I'm sure they did. But there were also people that were getting offended about the fact that dot is, you know, feminist and the fact that dot, you know, they wrote dot as more witty and smart and relying on her wits rather than her cuteness, although there was an episode all about her being cute as well, which was really funny. But you know, people got offended at that and people got offended at the the skit that they had where dot led a suffragette March and saying a song about the suffragette movement of the s. It gave women the right to vote, but then when she found out that that right didn't extend to female cartoon characters, she got upset. Let a march on Washington with a whole bunch of other WB characters from the looney tunes and the tiny tunes and all that other stuff and, you know, let a lobby and a protest to give cartoon characters the right to vote, which they received at the end of the song. And one of the news anchors was like, okay, great, well, we'll see how this goes, I guess. So it's not just like hey, let's make fun of Republicans are let's make fun of trump because we don't like him and we're going to push the liberal agenda. It's Hey, let's make fun of everybody because we can, and everybody's crazy. So much in the way that I said this about the bore at film right the animaniacs is just showing us how ridiculous we can be. It's a satire, it's a parody, it's a farce. They're making fun of everything, because that's what comedy is. Comedy makes fun of everything. But every joke does start with the grain of truth. But you know, it's not inherently belligerent, it's not inherently malicious. It's funny. That's all it is. It's good intentioned fun. How much fun can we have? Who can we make fun of if you can't take a joke? Reevaluate your life. Get over yourself. It's not a criticism, it's not hate, it's just humor, you know, and maybe maybe it is a loosely veiled you know, criticism, who knows? But criticism is not meant to like. It's not hate, it's not bashing. Criticism is hey, this is what's wrong with you. This is how you can fix it. You know, it's meant to help you, not just hurt you for the sake of hurting you. So I think people who took offense to the animaniacs really need to reevaluate themselves and their lives. But Anyway, I digress. That's my tangent. But that was definitely running rampant throughout the thirteen episode season. I got a kick out of it. I thought it was worth watching. I thought it made the show worthwhile. Um, but you know, let me know your thoughts. Were you offended by any of the politics jokes in the animaniacs. I'd love to have a discussion about it for real. So if anybody out there is was offended by the animaniacs politics and they would like to talk with me about it, please let me know shoot me a DM. But anyway, moving...

...on some of the other research that I did on the animaniacs after finishing the show, it really impressed me how much Steven Spielberg was involved in the process of making the show. I found quotes from some from storyboarders and writers and, you know, voice actors even, that that Spielberg was so involved with the process, going to storyboard meetings and ski pitches because he wanted the show to remain true to its original theme and its original style and the feel. He really wanted it to be like the classic animaniacs and I really like that. I think that's a such a cool thing that, like, he wasn't just like put slapping his name on it and slapping the animaniacs name on it and just not caring what they did just for the paycheck, like he wanted, like he wanted it to feel like it did back in the day. So I thought that was really cool. You know, I even really liked that. They that they did research into which which styles of animation, because they used a number of different animation studios back in the day. They found which style of animation like tracked the best with their audience. Then they researched that animation style, what made it so good and who did that animation, and then all of the episodes in the reboot were animated in that style, you know, because that was considered the best run of the original show, if you will, and that, you know, that track the best with their audience. So they really wanted to get the most out of their new audience again. I thought that was cool. Is just a little thing that that enhances the show. The other thing to with Steven Spielberg and the writers, when you look at animaniacs right it's people who were kids growing up watching the show and now, twenty two years later, you know, they might have families of their own and they might have their own kids, and they wanted to bring those adults back to the mix at but also introduce their kids to the show as well. So similar to how Jurassic world was bringing a new generation of Jurassic Park fans to the mix. And you know, Jurassic Park is also a Spielberg property, so that became the animaniacs like intro and the teaser. When they announced that the show was coming back, they did the whole skit with the scientists seeing the dinosaurs for the first time, and except instead of a dinosaur and instead of a Brontosaurus, it was Yaco, Eccho and dot and instead of John Hammond it was Steven Spielberg as the creator, and then instead of the the lawyer from Jurassic Park, it was a guy dressed in a green suit that said like Hulu executive or something like that. He was like, we are going to make a lot of money from this, and it was just a really funny skit and that's actually how they opened the pilot episode, so it wasn't just a teaser. The other thing that I love about the animaniacs, whether you're talking about the original series or the reboot, is just how selfaware that the writers make them. This is a cartoon that constantly breaks the fourth wall and lets you know that they know...

...that there are cartoon and I think it works well. It has to for the for the level of topical, relevant humor that they put out there. I think they need to make you guys is aware that like that there are cartoon and that they know that there are cartoon. So you know, you see it constantly. In the song that I referenced earlier. It's the song is literally called rebooted and it's all about how Hollywood has zero original ideas anymore and they just reboot everything for the money and for the paycheck. And you know they're talking about themselves. They literally talk about I think closer to the end of that song they talk about how they sold out and like hey, here's your giant check from Hulu. You know, in the intro of the animax theme song they say where the animaniacs? You should see our new contracts, and they're signing a piece of paper that says two new seasons and the grim reaper is holding it and he's like yes, we got them. So there's there's definitely a second season confirmed. That's going to drop next year at some point. But you know they're just breaking the fourth wall and letting you know that they are selfaware and they know there are cartoon and that Hulu joke comes up again to there's a there's a later episode where there's a music video being shot on the Warner Brothers Lot. And Oh look, I'm a poet and I didn't even know it. But funnily enough they talk about in that skit how hiphop you know, the guy who's film in the video is like some hip hop star, but yakoes like, Oh, you're not even that good, like what about William Dakespeare? And the guy starts dissing Shakespeare. So yaco dresses up like the Bard and just starts spitting fire lines as the kids are gone, and you know, he gets into a rap battle with this guy on over hiphop and this guy's like Nah, you guys like whatever. Hulu just, you know, wanted to reboot you, but they should have left you in the S, along with you know, everything else, and left you in the past, like like Billy Shakespeare. And you know, it's just a really funny skit. So they again intentionally keep breaking that fourth wall. Even even Pinky in the brain. They make an appearance in that skit as like the DJ that's that's giving this rapper his beat, and Pinky says something along the lines of all man, we shouldn't have used that dead mouse joke in the last skit from the last episode. It would have been more relevant here. And of course brains like enough pinky like time to take over the world. But you know, so even Pinky in the brain and pinky himself, who's like idiotic he you know, they know that their selfaware. And speaking of Pinky in the brain, they are some of the gems of this reboot. They bring them back pretty much every episode shod. I think there was only maybe one or two episodes that didn't have a Pinky in the brain skit in them. But you know, obviously they're still up to their old antics of trying to take over the world and you know, brains plots keep getting foiled, whether they be by Pinky or by his own Hubris. But there's a lot of funny moments with Pinky in the brain and they meet aliens from other world's brain runs into his future self in a very terminator esque style. Skit UM. There's a whole episode where they break into Edward Snowden's apartment and they have to break into the NSA because brain has amnesia and he gets into a car wreck and he had a brilliant plan to take...

...over the world. It was his most perfect plan and he got into a car wreck and has amnesia. So they need to break into Ed into the NSA to steal the recording of the phone call he was on with Pinky when he got into the car wreck so he can remember the plan to take over the world. And they get the information on how to break into the NSA from Edward Snowden, and Snowden's like, Oh hey, by the way, while you're there, like can you take this plant because I really love her and she's my favorite plant and I want to care for her and I haven't been able to get her out of my office. So they go in, they steal the record of the phone call, then they go into a snowdon's office, they steal the plant. They go they drop the plants off at snowed in and as they're driving away listening to the recording of brains most brilliant plan to take over the world, he realizes that the only way he's going to take over the world is by using a plant that releases a specific neurotoxin that will, you know, make humans subsetable in mind control or something like that. And the only place that this plant of is available is, you guessed it, in Edward Snowden's office at the NSA. So he literally had the plant in hand but then gave it to snowden and his plans are now foiled and it was probably one of the greatest skits I've ever seen. Definitely recommend watching it because there's like there's a fast and furious reference, there's Mario Kart references, like it's just it's hilarious and very well written and very well put together and in fact the whole series is. I I love it again, all the original voice actors return. You don't see a lot of like the the side characters from the original animanac series, like you don't see the the pigeons, of the squirrels or the Geah, I love you, but by you don't see you don't see a lot of the og characters, and I think that has a lot to do with some of the you know, like the changes in our cultural like hello nurse is no longer a character. But they do, they do have a skit that references some of the other characters, but it's mostly just Yaco wacco and dot and Pinky in the brain and I think that was really just the heart of the show anyway. So I think. You know, I think it's for the best, but it's a great it's a great quick little season. Like I said, they're going to be doing a second season on Hulu, released at some point next year in two thousand and twenty one, and part of the animaniacs reboot deal, actually, I saw, did also come with Hulu getting the streaming rights to the original animaniac series and tiny tune adventures and a whole bunch of other loony tunes and Warner Brothers cartoons properties. So I'm sure you can find animaniacs, the original episodes on Hulu, as well as tiny tune adventures, if they're still up there. Because again, this these rights happen back in like two thousand and seventeen or two thousand and eighteen, something like that, so they should still be on Hulu. I don't know. I just reactivated my Hulu account for this podcast. So so I haven't been on Hulu in a few years. But yeah, that's that's the end of maniac guys. I mean there's really not much to break down. It's a it's an adult show masquerading as a kids cartoon with a lot of children. Violence or not children? Violence, wow, violence, for kids in the cartoon, you know,...

...spectrum, but there's also a lot of higher, upper level jokes for their adult parents to watch and to laugh and get and all that good stuff. So you can find the Ani Maniacs on Hulu. It's streaming on you know whatever, whatever subscription model you have of Hulu, you can you can watch the animaniacs. Even if you have the version that's ad supported, like I do. They don't really play ads. You get like thirty second commercial before the show and then they just run right into the cartoons and you can watch it uninterrupted. But yeah, so, like I said guys before we started this episode, this is going to be the final episode of Pod flicks and Chill for two thousand and twenty. I have a lot of ideas for the show moving forward and I want to make sure that I put some time into them to to make them as good as they can be, because I'm very excited. I'm thinking of doing a couple longer format episodes, maybe trying to get some guests on the show who are involved in some of these series, whether they be actors or directors, producers, writers, whatever the case might be. That's my goal moving into two thousand and twenty one, so I want to be doing that. We're also going to be moving to an every other week format just to make sure that I have enough time again to sort of line up those guests and line up those episodes and really just watching it. Trying to watch an entire series in one week is very time consuming for me, so by giving myself every other week to watch or to drop an episode, that's going to help me out for quality of these podcasts. So I hope you guys stay tuned. Moving into two thousand and twenty one, you may also be seeing a new project from me coming out in two thousand and twenty one, so make sure you stay tuned there as well. And Yeah, guys, thank you so much for the support. I didn't launch the PODCAST in enough time to be eligible for spotify wrapped, but anchor, the the distribution platform that I use for the podcast, is owned by spotify and although I don't have spotify wrapped stats, I do know that we have an average audience per episode of about ten. We are in several different countries, including Germany and Denmark and Sweden, or I'm sorry, not sweet, in Switzerland, Canada, Philippines and we're in a bunch of different states, California, Virginia, Illinois, Florida, Oklahoma, Washington, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, Texas and, of course, my home state, New Jersey. So seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all the support that I've gotten thus far on the show. I hope it continues to grow. I hope you guys continue to share the episodes. Make sure you leave a rating wherever it is you listen, make sure you hit that subscribe button wherever you guys listen and hit us up on social media. Like I said, we're at POD flicks, the letter N and chill on Facebook, instagram and twitter. But, guys, that concludes pod flicks and chill season one for two thousand and twenty I hope you guys have a great holiday a great new year and I will see you in two thousand and twenty one with bigger, better batter episodes. Until next time, I'm your host, Andrew, and thank you so so much for tuning in. Take Care,.

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