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Is The Punisher Coming to the MCU?


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Could we soon see Frank Castle’s MCU debut? If the latest rumors are true, we just might! Mark Hamill is voicing another classic villain from your childhood and Netflix’s latest move to help it compete with House Mouse may not be what you expect.

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Could we soon see Frank Castle's MC? UDebut! If the latest rumors are true, we just might Mark Hamel is voicinganother classic villain from your childhood and Net flix's latest move tohelp it compete with house. Mouse may not be what you expect. Let's dive in,what's up guys, welcome back to pot, flick and chill. As always, I am yourhost Andrew, and here is your streaming news. As you probably recall earlier thisyear, Marvel Studios reacquired the rights to characters such as, DareDevil Jessica Jones, Luke Cage Iron Fist and the punisher. These characterswere on loan to Netlik, who didn't overall, decent job with them. It's nosurprise, then, that rumors almost immediately started flying that Charliecops is Matt Murdock and AK. A the man without fear would reappear inSpiderman three, no way home, there's even been speculation that ChristinRitters Jessica Jones may appear in the upcoming she hulk series now filmingfor Disney plus. Of course, the latest...

...rumor in that mill appeared on the fanfest website, as well as many others, and in involved John Barontus punisher.Baron thal immediately captivated fans with his portrayal of the formersoldier, turned bad ass gun, toting, vigilanti and now reports suggest thathe could be making an appearance in the Disney plus moonlight series. Thisappearance would have him face off against the titcher character, who willbe portrayed by Oscar Isaac? The two may then team up to face. Whoever isthe series big bad, but what do you guys think what Mc you hero or villain?Would you like to see John Barinthus punisher face off against leave me acomment on social at Pot Flix, the letter n and chill in a week full ofpremiers trailers and announcements. The masters of the universe revelationtrailer dropped. This animated series executive, produced by Kevin Smith,will be hitting streaming giant net flix on July. Twenty third and boastsan all star Voice Cast Chris Wood Aka...

Monel from the C W's super girl willplay the title role of He. Man and other voice actors include dedrickBaker, Kevin Conroy, Phil, Lamar, Justin long and the legendary MarkHamel as skeleton now. To be honest, this was never a franchise thatinterested me, I'm not sure if I was too young when the original toys inseries came out or what, but I do know the love that Kevin Smith has for allthings nerd, and I think we can expect great things from this series and whileyou may not see a net flix branded retail store in times square any timesoon, the company has finally made the leap into an e commerce store net flixdot shop is a website where fans can purchase officially licensed gear fromtheir favorite net Flix properties. The roll out will be slow, featuringproducts from only a handful of Hit, shows and movies, but ll soon includethings like pillows tables, baseball, hatch, shirts and so so much more. Themove comes as a way to take a slice of...

...the hundred and twenty eight billiondollar Pie of entertainment. Themed Apparel Disney has tons of experiencein that arena already, but let's face it with net flix's prices going up andthe ability for people to create five profiles per household. They areprobably looking for more ways to make money. I mean I haven't paid for my netflix account in like ever thanks mom last, but not at least it would not bea new segment if I didn't mention sports. I had recently mentioned in anotherepisode, a deal between Disney and the NH L to stream a select amount ofhockey games exclusively on E S, pm, plus and Hulu throughout the next sevenyears. But this deal isn't the only one of its kind. Prime video will behosting Thursday night football through two thousand and thirty three, withother Games available on a number of different streaming platforms,including paramount plus es pm, plus and peacock an updated seven year dealbetween the M Lb and ESP plus allows...

...them to stream one regular season gamepretty much every single day with ABC and ESP Games also available on thestreaming APP. The W MBA will stream sixteen games of its current season onprime video, with a number of other games going straight to social mediastreaming on twitter and face book, and after the W we shut down theirstreaming platform. Their content will now be available on peacock, as well asover forty seven thousand hours of other content in paramount plus has itssight set on not only dominating the original content of the streaming wars,but also becoming a premiere soccer hub vicum C B s secured the streamingrights to a number of different leagues that I'm not even going to attempt topronounce for a combined total of the streaming rights to over twelve hundredgames. Now sports have been cited as one ofthe main reasons that more people haven't cut the cord to their localcable providers, but, as more of these...

...deals get made, that will change, butthat wraps up this week's edition with streaming news be sure to subscribe.Wherever you listen for more INFO about the stories I mentioned today, I'velinked the articles in the show notes down below. Thank you guys so much forchilling with me today. I'm Andrew and I'll see you next time on podlies andchill I I.

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