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Bridgerton Season 2, The Muppet Show & the Return of Batman?


ICYMI: Netflix's Bridgerton has been renewed for a second season, The Muppet Show will be available in it's entirety on Disney+ and is Batman: The Animated Series getting a reboot? This week's minisode covers all that and more!

Magnus Carlsen talks The Queen's Gambit
Cobra Kai Bo workout
Miyagi-lates workout

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What's going on? Guys? Welcome back to Pod flicks and chill. As always, I am your host, Andrew, and it's time for another minisode. In a week full of Bernie Sanders memes, I'm here to break down some of the streaming news you guys may have missed. But before we dive in, I am once again asking you to please hit that subscribe button so you stay notified from one future episodes. Drop one division. Episode Three is here and now in color. The latest episode from Marvel Studios, first for a into television, pays homage to classic sitcoms from the late s and early s, like the Brady Bunch. Elizabeth Olsen can even be seen rocking a very Marsha Brady haircut. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. If you haven't seen it yet, the episode has a lot to unpack but still leaves many questions unanswered. For a full recap and review, click the link down in the description below. If you're looking for Easter eggs, head over to the guys at screen crush and check out their channel. They constantly put out Easter egg...

...videos and they do a fantastic job. Amazon prime video released a trailer and an exclusive clip for its latest animated series, invincible. This show is based on a two thousand and three comic of the same name written by Robert Kirkman. Invincible ran for fifteen years and follows the life of Marcus Grayson, son of Earth's Superhero Omni Man, who inherits all of his father's powers. He does his best to balance life as a teenager and a superhero in this brightly colored comic. Now, while the bright colors may make this comic appealing for readers of all ages, it features copious amounts of violence, which the trailer for the show hinted at. Invincible drops on prime video in the states on March twenty six. In new collection of Pixar shorts called Pixar Popcorn was released on Disney plus yesterday. These new shorts feature familiar characters in brand new stories. Personally, I thought it would have been a good idea to release these shorts on National Popcorn Day back on January nineteen, but I never heard back...

...from their marketing team. Disney plus also announced that all five seasons of the muppet show would be coming to the platform on February nineteen. The muppet show originally aired from nineteen seventy six to one thousand nine hundred and eighty one, with various celebrity guests and sketches that are still popular to this day. But Judas in the Black Messiah, is a film that premieres on Hbo Max and in Theaters on February twelve. The film is inspired by true events and produced by Black Panther Director Ryan Kohler. It follows Fred Hampton, played by Daniel Keluya, and the rise of the Black Panther Party. The trailer, which was released last week, focuses a lot on the emotion and the violence that was inherent in that era. The film also stars Jesse Plemon's La Keith Stanfield and Martin Sheen. Hbo Max may also be Reviving Batman, the animated series.

On his podcast fat man beyond, Kevin Smith speculated that the streaming platform, which is now home to a number of DC comics properties, may be rebooting the popular series. In Netflix News, the mega streaming platform announced that its newest hit series, Bridgerton has been renewed for season two. The series was released on Christmas of two thousand and twenty and follows the Bridgeton family during Regency Era London. Now, personally, I've not seen the show, but the Internet is ablaze with how amazing it is. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below. Bridgerton was created by Chris Van Duson and produced by none other than Shanda rhymes. No word yet on when season two will be released. A few days ago, Netflix also released a youtube video with world chess champion Magnus Carlson. In the video of the Norwegian grand master breaks down some of the conic scenes from the Netflix series the queen's Gambit. He talks about buying his first chess board, the inclusion of women and young girls...

...in chess and his own struggle with losing. If you're interested, I've linked the video in the description down below. Last but not least, billy blanks appeared in a workout video as part of a promotion for Cobra Kai season three. The entire forty five minute workout can be found on youtube and features billy blanks as an Honorary Cobra Kai instructor. In the introduction of the video you can hear William Zab because Johnny Lawrence Announcing Billy as an Honorary Cobra Ki Bo. Not to be out done, Daniel Larusso and miagi DOE karate released their own workout video with honorary sense a cassie Hoe. Now, this workout was a little different, as it was Miagi lotties and it was only about a half an hour. For your entertainment or even your next workout, I've linked both videos down below, and that concludes this week's Miniso'd thank you, guys so much for tuning in. Make sure you hit that like button and subscribe...

...wherever you're watching or listening. If you sure to follow us on social at Pod flicks, the letter end and chill and I'll see you guys next time. I'm Andrew and this has been pod flicks and chill.

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