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Bridgerton Season 2, The Muppet Show & the Return of Batman?


ICYMI: Netflix's Bridgerton has been renewed for a second season, The Muppet Show will be available in it's entirety on Disney+ and is Batman: The Animated Series getting a reboot? This week's minisode covers all that and more!

Magnus Carlsen talks The Queen's Gambit
Cobra Kai Bo workout
Miyagi-lates workout

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What's going on guys welcome back topodflicks and chill? As always, I am your host Andrew and it's time foranother minnisode in a week full of Burnie Sanders memes, I'm here to breakdown some of the streaming news you guys may have missed, but before wedive in, I am once again asking you to please it that subscribe button. So youstay notified for whane. Future episodes drop one division episode three is here andnow in color the latest episode from Marvel Studios First Fora intotelevision paysomash to classic sitcoms from the lates and early s like theBrady Bunch, Elizabeth Alsen can even be seen rocking a very Marcha Bradyhaircut, Marshian Washo Marsia. If you haven't seen it yet. The episode has alot to unpack but still leaves many questions unanswered for full recap andreview click. The link down in the description below. If you're lookingfor Easter eggs head over to the guys that creen crush and check out theirchannel, they constantly put out Easter...

...egg videos and they do a fantastic job.Iwazon prime video released a trailer and an exclusive clip for its latestanimated series. Invincible. This show is based on a two thousand and threecomic of the same name: Written by Robert Kirkman Invincible, ran forfifteen years and follows the life of Marcus Greyson son of Earth's SuperheroOmniman, who inherits all of his father's powers. He does his best tobalance life as a teenager and a superhero in this brightly. ColoredComic, not while the bright colors may make this comic appealing for readersof all ages. It features copious amounts of violence which the trailerfor the show hinted at invincible drops on prime video in the states. On MarchTwenty Six, I new collection of Pixar shorts, called Pixar Popcorn, wasreleased on Disney plus yesterday. These new shorts feature familiarcharacters in brand new stories. Personally, I thought it would havebeen a good idea to release these shorts on National Popcorn Day back onJanuary ineteenth, but I never heard...

...back from their marketing team. Isneyplus also announced that all five seasons of the muppet show would becoming to the platform on February Nineteenh. The muppet show originallyaired fro one thousand nine hundred and seventy six onethousand nine hundredand eighty one with various celebrity guests and sketches that are stillpopular to this day. Tim Njudis in the Black Messia is afilm that premiers on Hbo Max and in Theaters on February twelfth. The filmis inspired by true events and produced by Black Panther Director Ryan Koogler.It follows Fredhampton played by Daniel Caluia and the rise of the BlackPanther Party. The trailer, which was released last week focuses a lot on theemotion and the violence that was inherent in that era. The film alsostars, Jesse, Plemans, Lakeith, stanfield and Martin Sheen Hbo Max- Mayalso be reviving Batman. The animated...

...series on his podcast fat man beyondKevin Smith speculated that the streaming platform, which is now hometo a number of DC comics properties, maybe rebooting the popular series inNetflix News. The mega streaming platform announced that its newest hitseries Bridgerton has been renewed for season two. The series was released onChristmas of two thousand and twenty and follows the Brigerton family duringregency era. London. Now, personally, I've not seen the show, but theInternet is ablaze with how amazing it is. Let me know your thoughts in thecommets down below Bridgerton was created by Chris Van Duson and producedby none other than San de rhimes. No word yet. On wednesays, an two will bereleased. A few days ago, Netflix also released Ta Youtube. Video with worldchess champion Magnus Carlson in the video, the Norwegian grand masterbreaks down some of the iconic scenes from the Netflix series, the QueensGambet. He talks about buying his first...

...chestboard, the inclusion of women andyoung girls in chess and his own struggle with losing. If you'reinterested I've linked the video in the description down below less but notlhese. Billy blanks appeared in a workout video as part of a promotionfor COBRIKAI season. Three, the entire forty five minute workout can be foundon youtube and features billy blanks as an honorary cobre hi instructor. In theintroduction of the video you can hear William Zab, because Johnny LawrenceAnnouncing Billy as an Honorary Cobra Kai, bow not to be out done. DanielLarusso and Miagi do karate released their own workout video with honorarySensa Cassie Ho. Now this workout was a little different as it was Miagi Lotis,and it was only about a half an hour for your entertainment or even yournext workout. I've linked both videos down below, and that concludes thisweek's minisode. Thank you guys so much for tuning in make sure you hit thatlike button and subscribe wherever...

...you're watching or listening, you sureto follow us on social at podflicts. The letter, ND and chill and I'll seeyou guys next time. I'm Andrew and this is been potflikon chill.

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