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Episode 6 · 10 months ago

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm - Prime Video


Very Nice! Fourteen years after Sacha Baron Cohen graced our screens as Borat, he returns in this Amazon Prime Video sequel. On this episode of Podflix & Chill, Andrew breaks down some of the best & worst moments from this movie. 

  • Borat travels to America with his estranged daughter 
  • A questionable scene with Rudy Giuliani 
  • Why people shouldn't get so offended by this film

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Hi, I'm Andrel a selfproclaimed TV junkjoin me on my journey to watch as much original content o the Strang serces,as I can I'll give you insight into the shows that you just don't have the timeto watch fair morning. This show will mostlikely contain spoilers. So if that's not your thing turn back now, don't mind spoilers. Let's dive anwelcome to potfuix and chill. What's going on, guys, welcome topodflicxen chill I'm your host Andrew Or, should I say whow? Are we a my name?Is Andrew? Not Today's episode. We are going to betalking about the Amazon prime original movie bore at the subsequent movie film,but before we dive in just a friendly reminder to make sure you hit thatsubscribe button so that you stay notified for Hen, we post futurepodcast episodes. You can even follow us on Instagram at Podfli and chillthat's potflix. The letter, N and chill well post show updates, as well asteasers and announcements for upcoming episodes, and you can even send us amessage. Let us know what you guys are watching and what you might want tohear US cover on an upcoming episode, but now that that's out of the way,let's get into Bor at the subsequent movie film, this movie features the return of SashaBaron Coen as famous cosecksten reporter Borat, and I'm not even goingTA attempt to pronounce Borat's last name. The film also features a Bulgarianactress by the name of Maria Bakalova, who plays boret fifteen year olddaughter. Now the actress is twenty four years old, which calms a lot ofpeople's nerves. I am sure, because some of the situations that we findBorat and his fifteen year old daughter in are quite questionable. So the factthat she is a legal consenting adult, I...

...think, calms a lot of people down, butlet's get into a very quick plotsynopsis. This is ripped right fromGoogle released from prison for bringing shame to his country cosackfunny man bore at risks, life and limb when he returns to America with hisfifteen year old daughter. So, yes, the events of the first Borat film fifteenyears ago, actually, fourteen years ago, for those of you who don't remember, hecomes to America to film a documentary about what makes this country so great.He winds up falling in love with Pamela Anderson and running around the country,trying to marry her and make him as make her his wife. He offends a lot ofpeople while he's here a lot of people and the same holds true with this film.But after the events of the first film, we find that he has brought shame anddisgrace to his entire country of Cosick Stan. So he gets sent to prisonand is later released to try to redeem his country and reingratiate them withAmerica, and the goal by his country is to send Bor at on a top secret missionto America and give a gift to Donald Trump. Now that gift does not pan outthe way they with the way they want and I'll. Let you watch the film to figureout why it's not really important, because the main driving plot of thefilm is that Borat's fifteen year old daughter hasstowed away in a crate, because she really wants to come to America andBorett. Didn't let her not out of any sort of love or care for her, but inCoseckstan they don't respect women, they don't treat them as equals.BORAT's daughter is living in a stable when we're first introduced to ercovered in mud, very disheveled unclean and she hasn't been put in her marriage cage yet or herwife cage. So when, when the people of...

Coseckstan are giving their daughtersto a betrothed, they get put in a cage and- and this this topic is tackledthroughout the film there's- a there's- a theme of gender equality throughoutthe film and it winds up it winds up working out well, but inthe very beginning it's cringy anyway. She has stowed away in a crate and they now decide that Borat must gifther as a wife to Vice President Michael Pence- and this is this is mandated byboret's country, otherwise bore at risks s execution for not deliveringhis daughter to Michael Pence and ingratiating Cosekstan with America, sohijanes Hilarity, Shenanigans offensiveness. It all ensues throughoutthe course of the hour and a half of the film and, if I'm being quite honestfor the first forty five minutes or so I was questioning turning the film off. I wasn't even sure I was going to do anepisode on the movie, but I decided to power through and in the back half ofthe film. I actually found myself laughing a lot more. I think thehumanization that happens with borats character throughout kind of made thecringiness a little bit more palatable and I wound up chuckling. I wound upgetting a little bit more drawn into the to the subplot with Borett and hisdaughter, and I think that gave me a little bit moreof not so much an appreciation for the film, because it is still very muchtoilet. Humor, but it was, it was a little bit more bearable and I was ableto enjoy the funny parts and the questionable humor a little bit more, so we're going to get into some of thethe finer points of the film and...

...and whatnot. But first I want to take abreak to talk about anchor if you've ever thought about starting apodcast. Let me tell you about anchor anchor is a free tool that makes itincredibly easy to get started with your new podcast. In fact, it's what Iuse with anchor. You can record and edit your show directly from your phoneor computer. They will distribute your show to major podcast platforms likeapple podcast and spotify, for you, you can even monetize your podcast with nominimum listener requirement. Oh, and did I mention it's free? All you have to do to get started, isdownload the free anchor APP or go to Anchor Dot FM. That's an CH, O R DOT FManchor. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place, so this film, I think, was originallyintended for theatrical release, but due to the Covid shotdowns, then movietheaters closing. I think it released straight to Amazon, prime video, and Idon't think that hinders the film at all, because Covid is actually a prettybig deal within the backhalf of the movie. We see Borat wandering aroundthe streets of Texas, not sure where everybody is. Somebody tells them thatthere's a lockdown because of the virus that's going around and borets thenasks if he can stay with them and shares their home. It's actually prettyfunny and I think that's the whole point of the film right. The point isnot to trivialize coronavirus. The point is not to trivialize or make funof Republicans or trivialize and make fun of Democrats or women, or anythinglike that. I think it's a satire. The whole point is to look at howridiculous we are as a people and laugh at ourselves and say: Hey Yeah. Maybewe are a little ridiculous. Let's fix...

...it. Let's stop all the stupid fightingand you know fear mongering. Let's stop saying that the coronavirusis a hoax,let's stop saying, stupid, idiotic phrases like liberal agenda or farright, whatever, like. Let's just stop all that look at ourselves, laugh at ourselvesand then move forward in a positive way, and I think that's the the intense ofthe film I don't think, there's anything malicious happening. So adto prove that I want to address oneof the controversies that came out of this film, and that is the controversyof Borat entering a synagogue. Disguised is what he feels is astereotypical Jew, remind reminder that Borett is antisemitic. He doesn'tbelieve that the Holocaust exists and SASHEBARN CON himself is Jewish. Soremember that folks, remember that so Borat goes into a synagogue disguised as what he thinksis a stereotypical Jewish person, and there are two older women sitting inthe Synagogu talking and they have a conversation with Borat. You knowsaying that you know he doesn't have to be afraidof them. They're not going to kill him they're not going to like eat his entrails or whatever the case might be, and they actually explained to him thatthe Holocaust was real. In fact, one of them is a Holocaust survivor and Boratis enthralled by this. Now, after the filming of that scene, Sasha BarenCohen decided that he was going to break tradition and tell these twowomen that the whole scene was a gag and he lets them in on the fact that heis Jewish and he tries to bring about Holocaust education and sort of againlet the people who actually hold these...

...beliefs that the Holocaust didn'thappen, which opened a book to see that it did happen. He tries to educate people that it didhappen through this very antisemitical character or at so. He lets these women in on the gag and,unfortunately, between the time of filming the scene and the film'srelease, the One woman Judith Evans, who was the Holocast, theyeah, that was the Holocaust survivor. She had passed away and her family waskind of offended by how the scene played out. So they issued a lawsuitagainst Sasha, Baron Cohen and the film The lawsuit I've read has since beendropped, but I think it's, I think the important part of this story is thefact that you know the film's intent is not to offend, or at least maliciously he's a he's, aJewish character playing an antisemite, and he comes across these older Jewishwomen and he lets them in on the secret and he's saying hey like. I don'tactually believe any of this. This is what I'm trying to do, and this is whatI'm trying to create, and I am sure that the same could probably be appliedto the other areas where he sort of pokesfun at the really far right crowd, because that also happens inabundance in this film. So I think everybody needs to sort ofrelax and not get so offended easily, especially with things like this. It'sa comedy, it's fictional. I it's made up and I think I think the whole point is a satiremaking a sort of self reflect. But...

Anyway, let's talk about the secondcontroversy, Rudy Juliani right! If you, if youdon't know about this, like I didn't, you have to do a little bit of research,so there's a scene in the film where Borett's daughter is playing a reporterwho's, interviewing Brudi Juliani and the whole point of this interview isbecause she agrees to marry Rudy Guliani so that her father doesn't xget executed. Now I don't know how they jumped from Michael Pence to RudiJiuliani, but it happens anyway. So, during theinterview, she's being very flirtatious puts her hand on Bruti Giuliani, acouple of times he's laughing they're carrying on, and then we see them bothwalk into the hotel bedroom. Now the way the scene is shot makes it looklike rudy, Guliani reclines onto the bed reaches into the front of his pantsand starts playing around down there. Whether that happened or not, I'm noteven going to be gin to speculate on his camp says that all he was doing wasadjusting his shirt from the microphone wires. I will say objectively as aSoundperson, I would never put microphone wires or a battery pack downthrough the Front of a shirt and pants, especially when a guy's wearing a suitright for a news interview. All you have to do is stick the battery pack inthe suit pocket and attach the lavelier Mike to the to the tie or the lapelthere. No wires should be going down shirts at any point in time. So that's all I'm going to say aboutthat part. As far as the the scene itself, it's plausible andpossible that you could cut together the footage that you received from thecameras to make it look like Rudy...

Giuliani, is being dirty but who's to say who's. To say whatactually happened. I will say that, even if he wasn'treaching into the front of his pants being perverted, there is an uncomfortable moment where he does patthe actess playing boratt's daughter on the very, very low back just below orjust above R, her ass and regardless of whether or not he wasbeing pervy with his hand down his pants. That was a little bit much, but that's not to say that he is a deviant okay. He could just be an old man and yeah I've kind of straight off topic. Atthis point, I think it's a controversy. It happened I'llleave it up to you guys what you think is actually the case. How about that?How about we leave it at that so bore at two. The subsequent movie, Film Kringy Funny Tackles a lot of issues and Ireally got to say I think, there's a nice redemption arc throughout the filmso, like I said, we cover gender inequality. We cover the corona virus.We cover politics, there's a lot of that going on and I think throughoutyou see this relationship develop with Borat and hisdaughter that he didn't have at the beginning of the film at the beginningof the film, when his daughter Asks Kennof father love his daughter as muchas he loves his sons. Borat's answer is no, but by the end of the film she asksagain. Do you love me as much as your sons? He says no more much much more, so he's developedand establishe that relationship with...

...her, and I think that is really one of the redeemingqualities of the film. If you can look past the toilet, humorand look past the ungodly amounts of cringe, in fact, if you're a fan of theoffice and you've ever seen the episode Scotts tots, that is the level cringewe're talking about here for an hour and a half. But if you canlook past all that and look at sort of the redemption that Borat goes throughthroughout the film. I think I think it redeems it the film itself and we do see at the end to againanother sort of poke at coronavirus again, not to trivialize it, but justkind of make people laugh in such a dark time. We see that the film is much moreclosely related to coronavirus than we're originally led to believe. So if you've got an hour and a half andyou want to watch the film, do it if you don't want to watch it and afterlistening to this, you think that the film sounds stupid, don't watch it. Iwill probably give this an average rating of a three out of five chillpoints, we're using the chillpoint system here on Poflix and chill onlybecause that's the name of the show, so one chillpoint is equal to one starthree out of five chill points for bore at the subsequent movie film. Onlybecause I like the Redemption Arc, and I like the humanity that happensthroughout some of the jokes landed, some of them didn't, but you guys, letme know what your thoughts are. How many chill points do you rank bore at?Let me know in the comment section on Instagram or you can send me a directmessage again: that's at podflix ND, the letter n chill. Let me know whatyou guys thought about Borat and let me know what you like to hear me talkabout in any upcoming episodes again.

This has been podflict and chill. Ifyou like, the show hit that subscribe button make sure you share it with afriend, because that's the only way we're going to grow this thing intosomething bigger and better. I Andrew thanks for listening.

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